Best Paintball Sniper Rifle Buyer Guide & Reviews: Long-Range Distance Sniper Rifle 2022

Top 3 Best Paintball Rifles With Complete Reviews

Are you a paintball player and looking for the best paintball sniper rifle, which is perfect for you and has all the options you need? Then, we find out the best paintball rifles for you according to your budget. After deep research, we find the top 3 paintball sniper rifles in 2022.

If you mostly love playing the game of shooting long distances, then the paintball rifle is suitable for your game; there are multiple options available in these rifles.

It depends on you which options you need and chooses the best gun from these rifles, which makes your gun dominant over your enemy on the battlefield.

I have been a paintball player for the last nine years. I have a vast experience of the playing field, and here I also share with you my personal experience of the perfect paintball rifle for the paintball game, so I suggest to you which gun you should choose which is the best paintball sniper rifle and fulfill all your needs. So Let’s started.

Best Paintball Sniper Rifle
Best Paintball Sniper Rifle
Here we summarize the best paintball sniper guns:
  • Tippmann A5 .68 Caliber Gun
  • Wrek Sierra Rifle
  • Carmatech SAR12C Paintball Gun Kit

1- Tippmann A5 .68 Caliber Best Paintball Sniper Rifle (Cyclone Feed System)

The Tippmann A5 .68 Caliber Sniper Rifle is one of the best guns, and it is ready to roll out against any competition; this paintball gun has a 20 oz CO2 tank.

And that snipper rifle response on the base of the trigger grip and with potential add ons and 140 rounds pods included with this paintball rifle.



If you are a paintball player looking to snip long distances during play, this is the best paintball sniper rifle with the ultimate kit for paintball snipping players. This gun has a feeding rate of 17 balls p/s, but the speed of the fire sniper rifle is very high; it has a red dot sight which increases the accuracy and precision of the gun when you fire at a long-range distance.

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That is the best paintball sniper and one of our recommendations guns, you can upgrade the weapon to make your game style as you want, and the maintenance of the rifle is also easy. You don’t worry when using this gun, and you should purchase this gun when you are satisfied with its specification; it depends upon your needs and game.

2- Wrek Paintball Sierra Paintball Sniper Rifle Package (With 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty)

If you need high accuracy and performance gun, then Paintball Sierra One Designated Marksman Paintball Sniper Rifle is good.

This is formally the United States Army Project-Salvo, which has an ultra-slick inner surface that helps increase the rifle’s accuracy and air efficiency of the gun. It also reduces the noise signature of that sniper gun.

This is the Best Paintball Sniper Rifle, you can use the red dot sight that makes it easier to improve the accuracy and your shooting while in the game; it has a sizeable barrel and has high performance compared to other models available in the market at this time.



If you are an experienced paintball player, it is the perfect sniper gun for you because it has high-quality metal bi-pods; it is 16 inches long, and you can fire effectively with this rifle. It provides you the capability to shoot the paintballs at a long-range, and its bipods make of pure metal; it shows that this gun is perfect and more durable.

3- Carmatech SAR12C Paintball Gun Kit with Supremacy Scope

The Carmatech SAR12C is a fantastic sniper rifle because it has a magazine-fed-only platform, comes with bolt action, and doesn’t have a hopper.

It is the only few rifles that come with bolt action; if we look, that is the compact gun, and it comes with the complete package. It is the perfect paintball sniper rifle that is used in first strikes.



It is a lightweight rifle, and you don’t worry about carrying its realistic looks, making this rifle more excellent. It is a reality that it is a little bit expensive and not for those with a limited or low budget, but it gives value for your money with its unique features. Some of the best parts of that paintball sniper rifle are given below;

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  • It comes with 13 CO2 tanks and 12 round magazine, which are a total of 2 magazines
  • It has 20 inches barrel
  • It is best for experienced paintball players due to it is first strike compatible
  • This is Best Paintball Sniper Rifle which has a lightweight and an attractive and realistic design


If you are interested in buying the best paintball sniper rifle, read our guidelines for the best sniper rifles. Here you click on any of the rifles below the Amazon link to purchase; on amazon, you can see another sniper option also available.

These have various add ons and models, but our suggestion is that if the gun with a lot of reviews fulfills your requirements, you should go for it. Some of the paintball guns have the semi-automatic option, red dot sight. Some include CO2 tanks, masks, and goggles, and in the package also, gloves and vests, which are along with the marker.

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Q: How Long-Distance a Paintball Sniper Can Shoot?

Answer: Our answer to this question is that it depends upon your budget and the model you are purchasing, but the best paintball sniper has the efficiency of shooting 150 yards.

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