Top 5 Best Paintball Pistol In 2022 with Buying Guide & Reviews

Top 5 Best Paintball Pistol In 2022 

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If you need the best paintball pistol, then in this article I guide you on which is the best paintball pistol for you for the job, In the market, there are a lot of options available nowadays and also different types of paintball guns but most of the players have no idea that they can use paintball pistol as a backup weapon, due to many paintball pistol available on the market so the selection of the best one is can be confusing to spending your money.

If you want a top paintball pistol for your hobby or you find a perfect modeled gun for home defense purposes, then this article also helps you because I explain here the best features and qualities of the top 5 best paintball pistols and also we go over some of the FAQ.

Here I share some of the best paintballs pistols after a deep research on the internet, and we consider that it is the best choice for you, So you go below paintball pistols reviews and take note of the pros and cons which each model has mentioned, I hope you will find a perfect paintball pistol by the end of this guide.

What are Paintball Pistols?

The best paintball pistols are well known as sidekicks because it use in a paintball war, it is also a type of paintball marker, most players carry around in case when any emergency is considered as a backup.

Most of the players prefer the paintball pistols out in the field instead of the guns, but the question is here is whether you like the most paintball guns or pistols.


How Many Types of Paintball Pistols?

Although there are many types of paintball pistols and also it has many styles on the market. But the most famous type of paintballs pistol is the Pump Paintball Pistol and other is Semi-Automatic Paintball Pistol, all the pistols categories fall under these two types which you look in the market. Here we summarized it into categories so it is better for your understanding.

·  Pump Action Pistols
·  Semi-Automatic Pistols
·  Three-Shot Burst Pistols
·  Ramping Pistols
·  Fully-Automatic Pistols
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1-   T4E Smith Training Pistol Paintball Gun Marker

Umarex T4E is a .43 caliber training paintball pistol that is the best pistol on the market because it is powered up with 12 grams of CO2 gas, it is an awesome and very simple design, and also its weight feels like a real pistol.

You can use this pistol for self-defense training it enhances the accuracy of your shots and make them more accurate.

This pistol with a magazine that has a capacity of 8 shots, the frame of this pistol is made with polymer and the inner side of the pistol is made with aluminum for durability.

You can store this pistol in any of the standard holsters without buying a new one. This pistol can shoot pepper balls rubber balls, paintballs, and dust balls it can be used for police trainees or any other defense training or practice.

Tippmann TiPX paintball pistol kits
Tippmann TiPX paintball pistol kits


You can easily customize this pistol according to your preferences, this pistol is available in the market in two colors one is black and the second is Blue when you buy this best paintball pistol which comes with 1 magazine, a secure case for the pistol, and a cleaning squeegee, note that the CO2 gas does not include in this package. This pistol is looking is perfect for pinball gun players and it’s is lightly weighted so you can use it easily and handle it.


1- The pistol comes with good quality and build.

2- You can easily customize the railing with LED light as you want or any other accessories.

3- This pistol looks realistic and it feels.

4- It’s is the pistol for those who want a low-budget pistol.

5- It is a semi-automatic pistol

6- This pistol comes with a trigger safety mechanism.

7- This is light weighted paintball pistol.


1- The cons is that the pistol spare parts at this time are not available on the market.

2- It is also a cons that the pistol taking the parts apart is a little bit complicated.

2-   T4E TPM1 .43 Caliber Training Best Paintball Pistol / Paintball Gun Marker

T4E TPM1 training pistol is perfect for shooting rubber balls and paintballs, it is a nonlethal self-defense .43 caliber pistol, this pistol is powered up with 12g of CO2 cylinder for action in its magazine area.

When you hold this pistol then you feel realistic and look. Its Glock 17 holsters provide you with a wide range of holster options to use it. And players easily customize it with LED flashlights, through this pistol you can have 8 shots and its magazine have this capacity and also it shoots at 340 FPS for thrilling paintball matches, and you enjoy the game.




1- It realistic feel and look.

2- It comes with a solid build frame.

3- Easily customized.

4- It has a strong firm grip.


1- It’s one of the cons is that this pistol magazine is fragile and you should carefully during reloading it.

2- Its magazine is expensive if we compare other models available in the market.

3-  JT Splatmaster z100, .50 Cal Best Paintball Pistol

JT Splatmaster z100, .50 caliber Paintball Pistol is a fantastic pistol with a good shooting range, it is designed that looks like a kid toy rather than a real gun looking.

Through this pistol, you can shoot any .50 caliber ammo, rubber balls, paintballs, powder balls, this is the best paintball pistol which can hold 7 rounds of shots, with this pistol you can shots up to 50 even up to 100.

This pistol is designed with plastic and metal and its weight is light this is durable. If you buy this pistol you also get a barrel plus, reusable targets, a user manual, and some game instructions.

You can use this pain balls pistol only for practice purposes and through that, you can enhance your shooting skills but you can’t use this pistol for big games.




1- You can easily handle and maintain this pistol.

2- This paintball pistol delivers quality shots of up to 100.

3- This is durable.

4- It is lightweight and easily loadable.

5- It is best for those who have a low budget.

6- Using this pistol you don’t need any battery or CO2 cartridge.


1- It looks like a kid toy.

2- Sometimes it is stuck and you face this problem.

4-  First Strike Compact, Two 6 round magazines Paintball Pistol

The First Strike Compact Pistol is smaller in size compared to other pistols which are available on the market, it is a CO2 airpower gun type pistol, its length is also short, It is designed for easy to carry in sidearm pistol and it is an excellent point is that it is easy to use.

When you buy this pistol then it includes a pistol with a .68 caliber and also you get two 6 rounds of magazines. This is powered up with 8g or 12 g of CO2 cartridges, Its size is smaller than other pistols but its shooting range is amazing.

This paintball pistol’s design and build are similar if we compared with Tiberius Model, but this pistol used 8g or 12g of CO2,  and the 8g of CO2 cylinder easily fits in the magazine, if you want to fit the 12g CO2 plan then first you upgrade the magazine that compatible with this pistol.




1- It is easy to use, lightweight and smaller in size.

2- It is easily customized.

3- Good shot range.

4- Easily barrel and magazine upgradable.

5- Powered up with 8g or 12g of CO2.


1- It does not contain any ergonomic grip.

2- Some of the CO2 lose when you are releasing the magazine.

5-  Tippmann Deluxe, .68 Paintball Pistol Kit

Tippmann is one of the best paintball pistols at this time in the market due to its features, its size looks bulkier but is a good gun with lightweight and when you hold this pistol it feels real.

It is easy to handle and with seven-round magazines, it means if we see that then is not the best option for a primary gun. When you buy this pistol then it comes with 3 seven-round magazines and also larger magazines this pistol is available, this pistol uses compressed CO2 which is available in 12-gram tanks which are standard in size.

This tank has limited shots and does not allow you to fire off many shots it only allows 20 to 40 shots also you need spare magazines and spare CO2 canisters.

You can easily replace the magazine and also CO2 when the situation is stressful, and you can easily swap out its empty canisters and magazines.



If you are beginners players then it is the best paintball pistol because it is light, and accurate, in this pistol you can also use the riot balls, its use for practice and home or self-defense.


The selection of the best paintball pistol depends on you according to your budget and game field. We shared good and affordable paintball pistols; now, you can quickly narrow down your choice of the perfect paintball pistol.

The important thing is not which is your choice or which gear you choose is suitable for you, but the importance is to wear safety gear and a mask when using this pistol in practice or any of your games.

We find out the best paintball pistols, which include the best features you can easily use in your training purpose or in-game.

In this list, beginners to intermediate and pro-level players can use these pistols because every pistol is listed with its features such as durability, affordability, reliability, and safety trigger.


  • What is the Affordable and Best Paintball Pistol to Buy?

Answer: At this time, there are a lot of new models of paintball pistols available in the market with amazing styles; We recommend the T4E Smith and P M2.0 .43 Caliber Training Paintball Pistol.
  • How does a Beginner Use Paintball Pistol & How does it Work?

Answer: When you use the best paintball pistol for the first time, you only push the gun’s trigger. A tiny bolt goes the paintball toward the barrel, then a compressed gas released from the valve available in this pistol makes the paintball out of the pistol barrel and then opens at quite a little bit of speed.
  • Which is the Best Method to Clean Paintball Pistols?

Answer: When you buy the best paintball pistol from the market with good features, you also need a cleaning kit consisting of a squeegee, oil of the gun, and cloth of fiber.

First, you need to disassemble the pistol and clean it with a given fiber cloth and a squeegee. After doing the first process, oil the whole gun with gun oil to protect the pistol parts from rusting.

When you clean all the parts deeply, you again reassemble the pistol. But one thing is most important you only disassemble the gun if you know how to put it back in real condition.

Please take the pistol to the paintball shop and for an expert to clean it.

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