The Best Paintball Mask 2022 Guide & Reviews

The Best Paintball Masks 2022 

Why Best Paintball Mask Important?: If you are a beginner and stepping onto the field for the first time, you should know the most important things here. The most essential part of paintball gear is the best paintball mask, and it is crucial that you can’t take off during a game and play an integral role, and it is responsible for your view of the field.

Suppose you are a beginner and step onto the field for the first time. In that case, you should know the most important thing here is the most crucial part of paintball gear is the paintball mask, and it is essential that you can’t take off during a game and play an integral role, and it is responsible for your view of the field.

If you have the best paintball mask, it maximizes the chances of your victory and is responsible for your personal safety. If you don’t have a right or good paintball mask, it can be hard to see what you are doing during a game playing. But, on the other hand, if you have the best paintball gun and quickly shoot the enemy, you get the victory with a good paintball gun.

There are a ton of beautiful and best paintball masks available in the market online and some with decent discounts which meet your needs, But you must choose the paintball mask which is more suitable and per game type is very crucial.

best paintball mask
best paintball mask

If you are an advanced-level player, you know better. Speedball players always tend to dress as light as possible due to during the game, they quickly move, or it is necessary for their quick movement.

Another hand, the wood balls players equip themselves with more tactical-style type masks for the longer round, and on-field they wear helmets as a piece of equipment. But the question is, which is the best paintball mask in the market today and what is the pricing of paintball masks?

This article listed some of the excellent and best paintball masks for you. We share this list on our personal experience, so our choice the based on some factors such as pricing, comfort, quality, and durability. So we pick the top-selling and review base paintball masks with quality options and custom options.

best paintball mask
best paintball masks

First, I mention our favorite masks; Empire e-flex, Dye I5, Empire EVS, and Virtue VIO Ascend are the top and best paintball masks today and have customized options.

Below I list the best paintballs mask with their features. Let you decide which is suitable for you according to your game type and purchase if you have a low or high budget.

1- Empire E-Flex best paintball mask under $100

Empire E-Flex is the best paintball mask under $100 and it is the combination of the features of both the E-Vents and the Proflex and with the lens from the E-Vents and Ventilation from the best Proflex is the best part of that paintball mask,  and the other best feature in this mask is that it has breathability is by far with comparing the any of other masks which available in the market but the same features also availble in JT masks.

It is good to point out that with a paintball mask with more ventilation then you less worry about the fog as well.

Empire E-Flex is the best paintball mask under $100. It is the combination of both the E-Vents and the Proflex, and the lens from the E-Vents and Ventilation from the best Proflex is the best part of that paintball mask.



The other best feature of this mask is that it has breathability is by far with comparing any of the other masks available in the market, but the same features are also available in JT masks. It is a good point that a paintball mask with more ventilation makes you less worried about the fog.

But only one reason is that the mask has visibility is not best because it is a little bit in the way of your vision, but it is the best mask in the market. I love Empire E-Flex because it is more comfortable. The foam in this mask is incredibly soft, and flexible rubber is used, which is great for bouncing and helping you aim when playing with butter stock and marker.

Some of the Pros and Cons of this mask:


1- Through this mask, you can easy to breathe

2- When you are wearing this mask, you can easily communicate

3- The best thing about this mask is that it is more comfortable

4- You easily remove its lens

5- It is a low-budget mask and affordable compared to other high-end masks available on the market.


1- One thing that is not best in this mask is that nose of the mask gets in the way of vision. This is significant cons of this mask.

2- This mask is available with limited color choices.

3- If you get shot in the faceplate, this paint mask paint can get in your mouth.

2- Dye i5 best paintballs masks

The Dye I5, one of the best paintballs masks on the market, is a more comfortable mask.

It has terrycloth to the GSR Pro-Strap and contains an extra-wide pad. It is best and perfect for your back head and provides maximum comfort during a game.

 This mask is widely considered one of the best masks because of everything for the soft foam added to this mask.

One best thing about this paintball mask is that a GSR gear lock system on the back of Pro-Strap allows you to rotate the dial to adjust the tension level when holding the mask to your head.


Paintball-price-on-amazonSome of the best features of this paintball mask are that it is more comfortable, flexible, lightweight, and has the property that increases moisture evaporation.

Dye I5 has a unique anti-fog thermal lens and excellent visibility. Using this paintball mask can easily rotate a 290-degree lens to field view, giving you more clarity than any other mask available on the market.

This lens comes with the premium hard-coat dip that protects both sides of the lens, so this is the edge for the lens to be safe from scratches and protects the lens from UV, which is Sun harmful rays.

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The Dye I5 has an E.Voke communication system which is the best and most remarkable feature of this paintball mask. Through that E.Voke communication system, you can easily hear the helpful information with small speakers in your mask.

Some of the information which is helpful includes:

game timers, shot trackers, G.Count Trackers, Professional training skills, and even motivational speeches and training modes when you feel uninspired during a game.

Some Pros and Cons of the Dye I5 paintball mask:


1- It provides you great clarity and fields view

2- It is more comfortable

3- Its back strap fits on the back of the head perfectly.

4- Its foam can be replaced in seconds.

5- You can easily remove its lenses


1- Hard to breathe but not a lot of ventilation

2- It has a smaller size. If your head is small, it is beneficial for you.

3- Best Virtue VIO Ascend Paintball Goggles/Masks

The best Mask in the market is affordable; the best paintball makes is Virtue VIO Ascend, which is the excellent Mask for you because first, it has an affordable price, and second, it is high-end performance.

You save your money when you buy Ascend mask with an anti-fog lens; you can also get the Ascend with the thermal lens when you were better off spending a little more, and then the best thing about this Mask is its fantastic performance.

The Virtue VIO Ascend was a sizeable peripheral field view when you were wearing this Mask; these benefits from seeing everything around you during play.


Paintball-price-on-amazonThen VIO Ascend provides you crystal clear vision. Also, it comes with an Ultraviolet Protection system that 100% reduces the damage from the sun rays, and you enjoy the game without worry.

The Virtue Ascend also protects its wearer, similar to the V-Force Grill, which means you don’t need separate foam, and it is a comfortable mask; even this mask doesn’t have any foam earpiece.

This mask gives the ability you can easily hear what is going on around you, which provides you the edge when an enemy player’s moving around while playing wood balls.

The Ventilation system in Virtue Ascend is impressive and pretty good; if I give you my opinion, it is better than any of the expensive Virtue VIO Counter II. Also, its ventilation allows you to transmit your voice more clearly, and you can communicate bitterly with your teammates.

If you are looking for a make that is affordable and provides you with better vision, and when you are wearing the mask, you feel breath easily, then Virtue VIO Ascend is the Best Mask on the market.

When you compare the pricing of E-Flex and the Ascend, both look similar. It depends upon you if you want a cool look of the Virtue VIO Ascend or choose the E-Flex to increase the breathability.

The Virtue VIO Ascend is a good option in that you can easily remove its foam as well.


1- High-end performance

2- Affordable and suitable for those who have a low budget

3- Good peripheral vision

4- Easy to breathe

5- Easy to hear system

6- Accessories are readily available

7- Best mask for players with more giant heads

8- Its foam replaceable

9- You can easily remove its lens


1- Its body is a single piece and isn’t very flexible

2- It has few color options

3- It did not come with all the available features in Virtue Contour II, XS.

best paintball mask
best paintball mask

4- Best Paintball Mask (Empire EVS) with Thermal Lenses

Empire Vision System (Empire EVS) is a vast lens here; massive means it provides you peripheral vision compared to any other lens available.

The most excellent features included in this mask’s clear vision attract most players to buy the empire EVS, making it more attractive.

It has a vast lens that benefits because a lot of space behind the lens for the players is available while wearing glasses; the foam in this mask is the triple-density separated into two pieces, so you don’t need to press glasses inside of your face.

If you want the best paintball mask with glasses for players, then the Empire EVS is the best choice.

You can easily change lens because it has a change lens system option available; it is a benefit for you when besides having a great field of view.


Paintball-price-on-amazonOne of the Cons is that the EVS has a more minor breathing system compared to other paintball masks available in the market, such as E-Flex, and Ascend, which I already explained with detailed.

EVS users sometimes complain that the EVS nose is not fitting correctly on their faces. But when I share my personal experience, I never had faced this problem yet, and my friends who own this mask never had this problem; in my opinion, this is a good choice for players.


1- It has a vast field of view

2- It is incredible by looking

3- It provides you lens changing option

4- It is more comfortable

5- Replacement foam option

6- Better coverage


1- It has a lot of echoes when you speak during playing

2- Its foam on the earpiece wears out sometimes

3- Complain about the fitting on the nose

5-Best Paintball Goggles (Bunkerkings CMD)

The Bunkerkings CMD is the best paintball mask for visibility and breathing; then the Bunkerkings CMD Paintball mask is the best choice for you; its breathability is still a step below Empire E-Flex.

But suitable for players because when we compare it with other high-end paintball masks available on the market, it has the advantage and best paintball masks.

Then Bunkerkings CMD has quick lens changing options same this system available in the Virtue line of the masks because the Bunkerkings CMD is the latest and most advanced version of the Virtue VIO Ascend if we compare both masks. So, in my opinion, the Bunkerkings CMD is better than the Virtue VIO and XS.

The Bunkerkings CMD has a ventilation system, better breathability, voice protection, flexible faceplates, rain and glare protection, and more stability; the foam in this mask is used better than the Virtue line of masks.


Paintball-price-on-amazonSo, if we compare this mask, then this is the best paintball mask on the market; with costs $150, which is affordable, and in our opinion, it is one of the best masks based on budget.



1- Better Ventilation system

2- Voice protection system

3- Change lens very easily

4- Players enjoy a large field of view

5- Player feel comfortable with this mask

6- Foam replaceable in this mask

7- Awesome design

8- Protection from rain and glare

9- Flexible faceplate

10- The width of the mask is more excellent than which edge for players with more giant heads


1- Little bit high budget required

V-Force Grill 2.0 vs Virtue VIO Ascend Comparison



When buying a paintball mask, sometimes it can be a hard decision, So, I write above some of the best paintball masks reviews and guide the buyers to buy the most suitable paintball masks, but you must go to your local field to try on paintballs masks.

If your local field doesn’t have any paintball masks or you don’t have any local field, then you must research, and I hope you were making the right decision. If you have any questions regarding the paintball mask, comment below, and I will answer your queries as soon as possible.

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