List of Best Paintball Hopper 2022 with Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

Top Best Paintball Hoppers and Loaders for 2022

If you are a beginner in the paintball field, then it is a difficult task to choose the best paintball hopper or loader; there are many factors to consider when you are purchasing a paintball hopper’s from the market; some of the best paintball loaders such as Dye Precision Paintball Loader, Action Village, Virtue Paintball, etc.

So it is best for you that you must have good knowledge about the paintball marker and paintball guns, so when you are well equipped with such information and relevant knowledge about it, it is easy for you to choose the best paintball hopper for your game. 

When you are ready to purchase a paintball loader then, first, you must consider some of the following things; the Type of the hopper, its weight, size of the hopper, its capacity, how much its firing rate, and also its style and coloring that match your requirements.

Because you must have good knowledge about what Is a good product with excellent features and what is a low-quality product with some features compared to an excellent paintball hopper.

After profoundly researching and qualities of hoppers and buyer’s reviews, we found some of the best paintball hoppers for you, and we compiled a list that has a comprehensive buyer’s guide and our suggestions. I hope this will help you make a better decision about which hopper is more suitable for you according to your requirements and budget.

Best Paintball Hopper
Best Paintball Hopper

1- DYE LT-R Electronic Paintball Hopper & Loader (80,000+ Balls Shot Count)

The DYE LT-R Electronic Paintball Hopper & Loader is one of the best hoppers; it is an electronic Type marker because this marker uses the DYE loader Technology; this technology work makes the feed rates, high-end functionality, and reliability; because of this technology, this is the best option for you.

This paintball loader can fire more than 30 paintballs per second. Also, this paintball hopper has an impressive and long time efficiency battery which requires only 3AA batteries which provide the power. This hopper shows the best performance when its battery is around because it provides you 80k paintballs shot counts.



Maintenance of this hopper is easy because you fastly assemble and disassemble this paintball loader without wasting more time; you only push the button and then slide the locking tab, and you can easily clean up this hopper.

This is the best paintball loader with more functionality for an extended period because this paintball loader-coated board can resist water. It also has a good feature: you can turn off an indicator light if you need low light or participate in the night games; its black-ops feature helps you perform this task.


1- It has a good feed rate and a combination of reliability and functionality

2- With high efficient battery

3- Easy to maintain hopper

4- It has coated board for water resistance

5- Include adjustable torque


  • It is prone to jamming sometime.

2-  Virtue Spire IV Electronic Paintball Hopper (Toolless N-Charge Installation )

The Spire IV Paintball Loader is a perfect option because it has proactive power logic; if we compare this model to its previous models, which have the ability to consistently read the shooting, and sometimes it also adds unnecessary spin during shooting.

So this unnecessary spin during shooting makes the firing rate slow due to mail functionality. This proven technology is also in CTRL loaders, making it work perfectly with any marker.



This hopper has a wireless programming technology program through Apple and Android apps; also, it has a Tool-less N charge installation system. This is a perfect paintball hopper with more durability; it has a single mount unit, increasing this paintball loader’s durability.

It has dual LED indicators, which help the players in low light games, and the integration of a smart spring ramp. It is easy to maintain this hopper, and you can upgrade it when you want; it has different colors available in the market; choose the best one you like more.

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1- Dual LED indicators

2- Durable

3- Smart spring ramp

4- Easy to maintain the hopper

5- Customization options

6- Wireless programming technology

7- Proactive power logic


  • Unnecessary spin during shooting
Best Paintball Hopper
Best Paintball Hopper

3-  Proto Primo Paintball Hopper (200 Balls Capacity)

The Proto Primo Paintball Hopper is the best paintball loader; if you are newbies looking for a paintball hopper with low pricing, this hopper is the best option for you because it is affordable and low budget loader. 

Through this hopper, you can sort and funneling the paintballs down when you are shooting with a gun; this is an excellent function in this hopper.

It can handle up to 200 paintballs, it has a perfect battery and indicator, and you do not worry about battery life because it provides you long-life battery, which makes the game more enjoyable. 

This is a gravity-fed hopper; it is not an electric loader, and another one of the best features of this hopper is that you can run it smoothly without using the batteries and motor.



It also has the nice feature of releasing the pressure on the paint that makes the hopper lower the risk of jamming. 

This Best Paintball Hopper makes your game more enjoyable because it allows you to higher feed rates, and also, it is quickly reloaded with its clear spring lid; this is ideally working with Proto alpha pods, and this hopper can shoot more than eight paintballs per second.


1- Affordable and best paintball hopper

2- Without using batteries and motor, it runs smoothly

3- Lower the risk of jamming

4- Higher feed rates


  • Heavyweight if we compare it with other hoppers

4 – Empire Paintball Halo Too Loader (180 Balls Capacity)

If you are new to the paintball field, then the Empire Halo Too paintball loader is the perfect option for you because it is the best paintball hopper with some good features; it is a hopper that is easy to use when you are on the field then you can’t be faced any complications when you are with this hopper.

It is an affordable hopper, has reliability, and has a force-feeding option that can feed more than 20 balls every second. It has an ultra-quiet belt system through which this paintball hopper can shoot lots of paintballs at the enemy with high accuracy and consistency.



It has a perfect and easy-to-use reloading system; this Best Paintball Hopper is a fantastic feature; it is an anti-jam system which makes it the best paintball hopper in the market, which makes this hopper prevents jamming, and it provides you guarantee that it won’t jam during your game. You can consistently shoot the balls thorough out the game.


1- Easy to use paintball hopper

2- Force-feeding mechanism included

3- Shoots balls accurately

4- Low risk of jamming


  • Tricky to maintain the hopper

The Best Hoppers In Paintball Review

5- G.I. SPORTZ Level Loader (Jam Proof Drive System)

The G.I, Sportz Level Hopper, is the best paintball hopper with an excellent jam-proof drive option, It has lightweight with and low profile, and lightweight makes it easy to maintain and easy to the useable hopper.

This paintball loader used a rubber ring feeding system, which makes this paintball hopper the best in the market. It has weatherproof, and you can use it in any weather condition; it gives you perfect results, and it is durable.



The maintenance of that hopper is straightforward, and also its cleanness. Because of its jamming proof, the drive option with minimum risk of the hopper will be causing the jam. 

This hopper has a capacity of 200 rounds, and this is a good capacity if we compare this Best Paintball Hopperto to other models.

This hopper builds with high-impact nylon materials, its body is 100% durable, and it is a shell body. You can easily manage this hopper with its adjustable programming speeds. 


1- It’s has a low profile and ultra-lightweight

2- Easy to manage and clean

3- Jam proof drive system

4- It has 200 round capacity

5- High durability


  • The hopper occasionally does not feed efficiently

What Information you need to Check Before Buying a Paintball Loader/Hopper

You can buy the best paintball hopper based on the following factors:

  • You should check the size & also the capacity of the Best Paintball Hopper
  • Check the weight of the hopper; if you are lightweight, then it is the best hopper
  • Check its competition in the market
  • You must check its hopper style
  • The durability of the hopper
  • The hopper firing rate must be checked before buying


Above, we find the best paintball hopper for you with our deep research; now it depends upon you what model you like more and narrow down options and pick the model you are interested more; it depends upon your game style, your budget, we explain each hopper with the full specification you must check first then you should take any decision. You can be asked anything related to the paintball hopper/loader, then you can comment below, and we will respond to your question as soon as possible. 

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