Best Paintball Gun Guide & Reviews In 2022 for Beginner to Pro Players

Paintball Gun Buyers Complete Guide

If you already have a whole arsenal or are looking to buy your first best paintball gun, choose from the best paintball guns. Whether you and your team are new, just starting out, or part of it to make a living, there will always be a good gun, especially in this article.

Your favorite game influences your purchasing decisions when choosing the right paintball gun. It depends on the type of sport promoted by the region and the type of experience involved.

If you are looking to move towards the pro circuit, you can focus on one game and do very well. However, many such players will need a suitable marker for the one-day zone event.

Today is a technology world, and there are many different types of paintball guns available in the market, so it can be confusing to find the best option for you. Fortunately, our team is here to make things easier for you! First, we share our many years of experience in the field with you. Next, we have compiled a list of the best paintball guns available today.

It depends upon that, if you are a beginner or an expert, there are perfect models for you, and our buying guide is designed to reflect the different characteristics of the other models and styles.

Our quick guide selects the best-selling and most reviewed paintball pens for beginners, intermediates, or professionals.

Our aim is to provide you best and top-rated paintballs review. This saves time and money by helping you get the best paintball guns for your level of experience, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or pro!

No time to read, here we pick the Top Paintball Guns

  1. Best Paintball Gun under $150:, Tippmann Stormer Paintball Gun
  2. Best Paintball Gun Under $300:, Dye i5 Paintball Goggle
  3. Best Paintball Gun Under $500:, Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun
  4. Best Paintball Gun Under $741:, Action Village Empire Axe 2.0 Competition Paintball Gun
  5. Best Mechanical Paintball Gun:, EMEK MG100 Paintball Gun Legendary Package Kit

We all consider the paintball markers a game-changer because they still have a long way to go before shredded paint and ready for prime time.

This article covers all the features of the best paintball gun, such as firing mode, balls per second, shutter system options, affordable budget, and more.

Best Paintball Gun
Best Paintball Gun

Some people are looking for cheap or inexpensive ways to enjoy the game. Still, some people care more about features like beam eyes, invisible tools, and some need mechanical markers, and others need old tools, but here our goal is to give you a guide and reviews for buying the best and perfect paintball guns, and we find the right paintball gun for you.

Here we also cover the lists of the best under budget paints, the list includes the best paints under $ 100, under $ 300, and even under $ 500, and you choose the best one according to your budget.

1-  Empire Axe 2.0 Marker Dust Black Paintball Marker

The Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Marker took the industry by shock when the Axe debuted in 2011, but continues to destroy tracks both in the woods and behind the bunker, it is smooth, accurate, lightweight, and portable, and it is a new marker perfect for the player marker, complete package includes impressive features.

The Axe was quickly proved to be the best paintball gun with all the fantastic features, and it costs at least twice as much without hitting the wallet.

Best Paintball Gun
Best Paintball GunPaintball-price-on-amazon

The Empire Axe best paintball gun includes fantastic features, so it is an excellent choice for someone looking for fun with good equipment without spending more money. This gun has a more fantastic turn in that it performs on the rec ball fields and pro fields without a hitch. If you decide to buy an excellent paintball gun with good features, the Best Paintball gun is Axe which we cover in this article.

The Empire Axe paintball gun has some excellent features. It has 2 piece barrel kit with ON/OFF ASA, it also has a chop eye system, it consists of an aluminum main body and construction adjustable trigger with the low-pressure operation, contains a single push-button power switch it has reliable performance with anti-chop laser eyes, it also has multiple adjustable fringe modes, lightweight, accurate and portable with shot accuracy and it is 10% lighter than its previous generation.

2-  Tippmann Stormer Paintball Marker Under $150

Stormer paintball markers are the best choice for paints because it is based on the famous Tippmann 98 custom design, and it has been a rental gun for the paintball parks for more than 20 years. In addition, it has a proven Tippmann gas system, and it is super reliable and consistent.

 The Stormer includes some excellent features: built-in safety has a cross bolt and push-button style. In addition, you can track your target by running your eyes down the barrel.



This gun has a removable vertical grip that helps you control the gun when you try to rapidly fire. The Stormer is the best and most reliable in design. Also, this paintball gun has many accessories available on the market, so you can upgrade as you want. The designer focuses on its stock barrel accuracy and gets the job done. it has good performance and accuracy.

Tippmann Stormer paintball marker design for all level play combines high durability and high performance, built with a reliable inline bolt system and contained high impact composite body. You can easily modify it and fully customize it with accessories. It is suitable for beginner paintballers and seasoned vets. It has low maintenance and more reliability. It is best for scenario gameplay, and also, you can use it when you paintballing with your friends. It’s some of the excellent features listed below:


– Tippmann Stormer paintball marker is semi-automatic .68 Cal marker

– It is easily adjustable from 250 to 325 (FPS)

– Its Barrel Thread is 98

– Contain High impact composite body

– It has Inline Bolt Design which is proven

– Contain Bottom Mounted (ASA)

– Tippmann Stormer paintball has a single trigger

– Also have an offset feed port

3-  Dye Rize CZR Best Marker under ($300)

The Dye Rize best paintball gun which is perfect for beginners with a low budget, and it is a reliable option that consists of premium features at a low cost. The old generation was Dye Matrix, DM Series, and Dye Proto series, and it is considered the best gun now.

Dye Rize Paintball gun has some new features and improvements, making it more reliable. It is securely attached, which allows clamping the feed neck to your loader to the gun.



It has an adjustable trigger, anti-chop eyes, and a 4th generation eye pipe, which is impressive. This gun has excellent features. It fires 68 caliber paintballs, and it also operates on compressed air, not only co2, which adds a plus point. It has a proven design that is perfect for beginners and intermediate players. If you are an advanced player, you should look at other options outlined in this article: low-budget paints gun.

This is a gun that is a fantastic feature which only found in some of the high-end markers. The Dye Rize CZR delivers you some premium feature’s at a low cost.

It has a proven design, and it gives you the ability to compete with any marker with a reliable platform they deliver.

It has some fantastic features: proven hyper3 regulator, Lever lock adjustable, Ultra on and off the system, adjustable clamping feed neck that makes paintball players play easy and make it easier to play more firepower in-game.

4-   Planet Eclipse Etha 2  Paintball Marker Under $500

Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Paintball gun is a low budget and $500 range gun, and it is the best marker on the market with some incredible features.

It consists of a Gamma Core Spool valve drive train, making this marker more powerful and excellent paint in the market. It consists of gas through grip design. It has Autococker threads which make it more accurate. It contains a clamping feed neck that makes your gun load securely. This consists of an electronic trigger that is great for slinging paint more quickly. It also has push-button bolt removal, which makes you able to clean the engine during the game, and you don’t need any other tools.



This pain ball gun marker is lightweight, easy to hold, and portable. You select any color; it has many colors you only choose which you like more. It is under $500 budget gun it is not more costly if we compare its price with its excellent features and competition with another marker available in the market. This marker is one of the best options on our list, and it is for both beginners and intermediate players.

5-   Planet Eclipse M170R Marker Under $800

Planet Eclipse M170R has excellent features with a lightweight gun. However, its more significant part is that it is a fast-shooting paintball gun, making it a more reliable and great gun in the market. It doesn’t have a talking board, but some features make it the best paintball gun, only in high-end guns available in the market.

This is the best gun because this gun is ball-on-ball accurate. It has a push-button bolt removal system. In addition, this gun includes a water-resistant feature on the OLED display that makes it much easier to modify the setting of the gun on the fly.




The board is powered by a window pc and has a USB. All the programming is done with this USB, it is best for advanced level players, and it is the edge for them.

The eye cover of this gun is readily available. The body of this gun is a little bit longer than Empire Axe 2.0, which makes them more enjoyable during playing due to its comfortable playing experience. It comes with an accurate 14″ F-XL barrel and with the kit.

If you are looking for a paintball gun under $800, it is the perfect gun also a great choice. This gun doesn’t contain a talking board, tool-less grip removal, or magnetic eye covers. It is your best choice gun if you are a beginner, intermediate, or pro-level player.

The Best Woodsball Guns

If you are a fan of field combat (woodball), you need a perfect paintball gun with a more extended range. Also, its accuracy shoots from a long distance, then you should buy the USA Army Alpha Elite or Project Salvo, which is best for long ranger range. Finally, if you are a starter, you go to a low-cost paints gun like Tippmann 98, which is reliable and has full features.


Are these the best paintballs guns available on the market? Then the answer is never, but we think to share some of the best guns with our audience who are interested in buying, so they easily decide which paintball gun is suitable for them. There is a broad range of options available some are easy to use, some are more advanced, but we try to share some of the best paint markers for you, and we feel happy if we miss any of the excellent guns you freely let us know.

Also noted is that this article is copyright 2022 by, and we reserved all rights. etc., and we are not affiliated with any of these big companies.

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