Best Paintball Gun Under 300 In 2022 with Buying Guide & Unbiased Reviews

Most of the paintball players are beginners on the game field, and they are looking for the Best Paintball Gun Under 300. That budget gun is affordable according to their money investment; this is our recommendation for beginners and pro-level players that Best Paintball Gun Under 300 is an excellent budget gun.

When we try to find a good gun according to our needs in the market, then there are a lot of varieties we see in the market today, and it makes us confused about what paintball gun we should select which are affordable for newbies.

If we search for paintball guns in the market, there are many new and old models available, but you always invest your money in those models that fulfill your all needs and your skills, and preferences; this step also saves your time and money.

Most of the guns have amazing and unique features and strengths. All these models have different styles, so the selection of the model confuses us because it happens when you are new in this field and beginner players.

Best Paintball Gun Under 200
Best Paintball Gun Under 300

We try to find out paintball guns suitable to our user’s requirements and budget; if you want to find out a gun, then there are a variety of options available in the market. This article also lists some of the best paintball guns under 300, and We hope you must find your dream gun in this list.

What Is A Paintball Gun?

When you are new on the paintball field, one question is, what is a paintball gun? The definition of the paintball is simple is that; a “paintball gun”, also named “paintball marker”, is a simple air gun that shoots the paintballs; some people also call it a “paint gun” or also “marker”.

When you paintball players as if you are new or pro-level, you need a piece of equipment: a paintball gun or paintball marker.

The paintball players mostly use the CO2, compressed gas, or some compressed air called “HPA” in these guns, a barrel through that you can make a quick strike attached to your enemy and complete it.

Paintballs have a velocity that can even hurt trees and castles, and they shoot paintballs with a speed of 300 feet per second. It also stings a little bit to humans.

Best Paintball Gun Under 200

Best Paintball Guns Under 300 In 2022, Reviews – Editor’s Top Picks

List of top paintball guns under $200.

1- Tippmann Cronus Tactical Marker (Vertical Grip)

Are you looking for a Best Paintball Gun Under 300, and which is the most accurate to shoot the target? Then Tippmann Cronus Tactical Marker is perfect for you according to your need. This marker comes in the following color: black and olive options. You pick one of the best which you like.

This gun is designed to make its body eye catchy and attract attention. You love its beautiful design, its body composite of high impact piece of technology, which has a vertical grip that helps you control your gun during the practice of the game.

Tippmann Cronus Tactical Marker
Tippmann Cronus Tactical Marker


This paintball gun is an affordable budget for beginners and experienced players because this gun provides you high performance with good durability long period, and you can use this gun in any harshest environment without worry.  

That is the best paintball marker which comes with .68 Caliber, which is Milsim style; this gun is more accurate and high performance; you can choose this gun if you are confident about this marker.

We find out this marker, and it is our recommended gun which has excellent features compared to any other weapon with this budget available on the market.


  • That is the best paintball gun which weight is 5.4 pounds
  • Its shoot distance is more than 200 feet 
  • This gun is durable
  • High-performance gun 
  • This paintball marker used a5/x7 threads
  • When you shot, this gun can’t be break


  • You must purchase a Compressed CO2 tank for this gun
  • This gun is recommended for newbies and not for professional players
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2- Umarex T4E Walther .43 Caliber Practice Pistol & Paintball Gun Marker

Umarex introduces the latest paintballer gun for those who are paintball game lovers or want a training pistol or paintball gun so, this is the perfect and Best Paintball Gun Under 300.

The gun sensation has black and blue, which makes this gun more attractive, and it is the best training gun and a training tool for the sports of paintball players; it only charges 9 cents per round. It can train you without investing more money.

This paintball marker is lightweight, and it feels there; it is a realistic model, you can easily hold without feeling heavyweight of the gun, the control of this gun is reasonable, and you can shoot during training accurately.



This perfect and Best Paintball Gun Under 300, comes with a drop-free magazine that handles only 8 rounds, and its magazine is good if we compare it to other competitive models on the market.

This marker has an attractive design. It has a metal slide and a barrel that help you get a sliding catch, and this is the best paintball gun that comes with Picatinny accessories through that you can easily mount the lights and lasers. That is an edge point for you that you can put your marker in a holster when you are done with your game.


  • You can shoot off the rubber balls and powder balls in this paintball marker with .43 paintballs.
  • You can shoot 355 feet per seconds paintballs
  • This gun’s realistic look
  • Its weight is 3.5 pounds
  • This gun comes with 2 magazines


When you purchase this paintball marker, then CO2 not come with this gun.

3- Action Village Kingman Spyder Epic (Best Paintball Gun Under $200 )

Action Village Kingman Paintball Gun is the best paintball marker for those new to the paintball field. That is a semi-automatic paintball gun. It has a proven stacked tube blowback design with excellent reliability and performance; it delivers gas excellently.

This is Best Paintball Gun Under 300, comes with a package that has an Empir’s X-Ray mask, which is the perfect goggle that provides protection to the paintball players during training and also comforts because it has a dual-density foam which provides comfort to the player. It comes with a single pane anti-fog lens, which prevents fogging.



It has a CO2 bottle that has compressed CO2 gas, which holds 20 ounces of gas, and this bottle is the composition of aluminum; you can reuse these bottles and fill it when you need.

It has a 20oz gas tank with a pin valve system and standard tank threads, and this tank gives you 800 to 1000 shots once you fill it. Tested this tank once every 5 years, and its life span is 10 years on average.

It also has 4 pods which are horizontal and come with Velcro straps and a CO2 tank; these Velcro straps provide you security and allow you to hold any tank in Its place. It is best for all-level players.

These Dye Alpha Pods can hold 150 rounds of .68 Caliber paintballs, and these paintballs are seen when pods are filled once. It has a good grip, these Alpha pods contain a strong plastic from top to bottom, and it helps you handle the paintball marker on rugged terrains.

4- Azodin Blitz 3 Best Paintball Gun Uner 300

The Azodin Blitz is one of the best paintball markers which uses .68 caliber paintballs, and its attractive design and one of the most fashionable guns on the market.

This gun comes in different colors, such as black/silver, green, and red/silver; you can choose which you like most of them. This gun has lightweight, so while carrying this gun, you worry about feeling the heavyweight of the weapon.



This is a Best Paintball Gun Under 300 and affordable for those who want to invest low money in the gun, and this gun is very lightweight if we compare it with the model Blitz 2, so the latest model is more focused on its style than its old Azodin models. And million paintball players like this rifle, which is their first choice on the paintball field.

When you purchase this gun, you can use the CO2 or HPA tanks, and this gun has more durability and accuracy because it uses padding, which is a full cover with rubber that protects the paintball player’s when they are in play. This gun is under 200 dollars and is suitable for beginners and they are starters in this field.


1-     This is the Best Paintball Gun Under 300 which comes with a weight of 2.05 pounds, only

2-     This gun uses a feathered regulator

3-     The weapon used ASA threads

4-     The gun trigger frame is impressive and fully composite

5-     When you are using this gun then, you have the option of 4 firing modes


1-     You need a nine voltage battery to run this gun smoothly

2-     This gun is only for beginners players, not experienced player’s

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5- Spyder Fenix Electronic Paintball Rifle (Air Efficient EKO Valve System)

Spyder Fenix Electronic Paintball Marker is the perfect gun because it has EKO Valve System that makes this marker more attractive through this Valve System and 20-ounce CO2 tank, you can produce 1600 shots from this gun. The gun has a low-pressure system, so you worry about firing with this marker.



This gun is 15% shorter and 25% lighter compared to its old model. This gun has three different firing modes, which also packs a punch. This is Best Paintball Gun Under 300 which is a semi-automatic or Ramp PSA option, so using this option gun can be shot off with a fully anti-chop.

This is Best Paintball Gun Under 300 it is durable and comfortable due to its textured grip, and it provides you comfort whether you are playing a game indoors or outdoor. The body of this gun is a composite of Aluminum. When you carry this gun, you feel better, and also, this marker looks cool.


1-   This gun comes with 3.4 pounds and weighs only

2- Its accuracy from 30 to 40 yards

3-   This is an affordable marker

4-   This is perfect for gameplay and practice purposes

5-   It has been reliable for a long time

6-   The edge point for this gun is designed with a spotless barrel.


1-   You need to add a hopper

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