5 Best Paintball Barrel of 2022 | Shoot More Accurately

Best Paintball Barrels in 2022 

If you are a paintball new or experienced player, you need the perfect and best paintball barrel to improve your paintball marker accuracy quickly and easily.

When you choose the best paintball barrels, it provides you with the edge that improves the accuracy of your paintball gun during your game.

There are many paintball barrels available on the market, but not all paintball barrels have the same features, so you need to research and choose the best one that fulfills all your needs and according to your game. 

Different paintball barrels have different pricing, so you should select the perfect barrels for you and all the good features included according to your budget.

In this article, I explain the best paintball barrels with their features such as size, material, length, etc., and I answered all the questions you want to know the answers to. We deeply research which is the best paintball barrel with all the good features available, so we find out the seven best paintball barrels that have excellent qualities. So, let’s started.

Best Paintball BarrelBest Paintball Barrel

The Best Paintball Barrels on the Market

Here we listed the 5 best paintball barrels available in the market quickly. If you do not find any or are not matched, you can scroll for more options in my other articles.

We research these barrels and find out based on the best reviews and features of the barrels. We hope you will find the perfect paintball barrel suitable or fits your needs.

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No-1 Editor’s Choice

Tippmann Sniper Best Paintball Barrel

The Tippmann Sniper Barrel is the best paintball barrel available in the market with the size you need, and it is made in the USA; it provides high performance and accuracy and is a durable barrel.

The Tippmann Sniper Barrel is a 14” specially designed for the long-range distance and accuracy in shooting, and it provides super performance.

This is the perfect paintball barrel for the players who like to shoot with a paintball marker from a long distance.



The best thing about this paintball barrel is its warranty because its company provides a warranty of 90 days back; if any of it’s part defective or missing, you can easily replace it with the new one.

These are perfect paintball barrels with a ninety-day warranty with accuracy compared to other models available on the market. It is an excellent barrel if you are looking for accuracy.

It is fitting for you, its surface is polished, and it is made in USA product, and it is micro honed which is available in the market with different lengths.

No-2 Editor’s Choice

Deadlywind Fiber X8 Barrel

If you want a paintball barrel that’s lightweight, accurate, and extremely quiet, then you can’t go wrong with the DeadlyWind Fiber X8.

The Deadlywind Fiber X8 Barrel used the GoG eight inches Freak XL Inserts, and that is the only barrel available on the market with this feature. The other model used the 5 inches Freak Inserts.

The X8 paintball barrel used the 8-inch Freak XL Insert for more prolonged use. And this barrel shoots most accurately if we compare it with control bore five-inch inserts.



This paintball barrel comes with three separate pieces: a Freak XL 8 insert, carbon fiber, and a threaded adaptor; the best thing about this barrel is that you can use any paintball marker; you only change the threaded adaptor.

It is the perfect design that allows you to change the threaded barrel. It is also designed with 2×2 satin twill external and unidirectional fibers, three layers of carbon fiber, which is premium fiber.

Best Paintball Barrel
Best Paintball Barrel
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The Deadlywind Fiber X8 comes with different porting options: No Porting, Spiral, Double, Double Spiral, and Normal Porting. If you are interested in this model, then it is the best option for you, but first, you check its price, so you purchase the barrel according to your budget.

No-3 Editor’s Choice

Smart Parts Freak XL Barrel Kit (Autococker Back)

If you need a perfect and complete barrel system then Smart Parts Freak XL Barrel Kit is for you and it is the best option it has 14-inch Freak straight ported, and this kit includes the auto cocker back which color is black.

This model has a lot of customization options for you, and it’s all its parts are made with high standards it ensures that it is a perfect and one-barrel solution and it helps up for a long period of time.



The Smart Parts Freak XL Barrel has a lightweight material and it has aluminum inserts that are color-coded and also it has a case which easily carried around with you when you play, which allows you to use all essentials ready and quick access.

No-4 Editor’s Choice

Tippmann Pathfinder 14-Inc Barrel

The Tippmann Pathfinder Barrel is perfect for an experienced paintballer which is authorized by Umarex, and this is the top tier barrel that is available in the market, and if you are an experienced paintball player then it meets all of your requirements which you want.

This Pathfinder barrel is made with aluminum material which is a lightweight barrel, and it has high durability, if we compare this barrel with A5, X7 Markers then it is also a computable barrel.


The Tippmann Pathfinder Barrel is 14 inches in length and it provides you high accuracy when you use it in your game, and the best thing about this barrel is its long-range shooting capability, and it is an affordable product and if you have fewer budgets then it is perfect for you.

No-5 Editor’s Choice

Empire Paintball Driver XX 2pc Barrel (‎8 Ounces)

Empire Paintball Barrel which weighs 8 Ounces and this barrel can hit your target with minimal hassle, this barrel is designed with a perfect material, this is the best paintball barrel which has a long life span and also durability.

This is a perfect and affordable paintball barrel that has excellent features compared to other paintball barrels on the market, this barrel works with all Auto cocker markers, this product has dimensions of 14.1 x 1 and is lightweight.



If you are a beginner or an experienced paintball player and looking for a low budget and high accuracy paintball barrel, which has the best features which you want and it will fulfill all of your requirements.

Top Paintball Barrel Comparison


If you are a new or experienced paintball player then it is no easy task to choose a paintball barrel, due to the many different models available in the market which have different lengths, sizes, and brands with different types of materials.

So you only choose the paintball barrel which fulfills all your needs according to your game, We find out the best one for you, I hope you will find the perfect paintball barrel for your game.

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